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Catherine moved father into the woods, hunting for the soft song of a bird she could hear. It was a sweet sound, both beckoning her forward and making her want to stop and just listen at the same time. Enchanting and her curiosity wanted to be sated in finding out what bird could create such a sound.

She barely heard her name being called in the distance as she found a clearing where a vibrant red bird sat on a log. It was larger than any bird she had seen, even the hunting hawks her brothers used, and the coloring gave it an almost jeweled tone, like some of the fine rubies from the treasury. She crept closer slowly, though she froze with a wince when her foot snapped a branch.

The song died and the bird's head swiveled to look directly at her. The bird held still, like it thought maybe if it didn't move she wouldn't see it or be in danger, and the forest around them stilled and went quiet like the world itself was holding its breath to see what would happen.The moment pasted and the bird finally gave a soft, inviting sound.

Catherine smiled at that sound and started to inch closer at a painstakingly slow pace. She didn't want to scare the bird off. As she moved she whistled softly, mimicking the bird's sound.

The bird fluffed slightly when answered as it watched her. The eyes where a flame orange and almost too inelegant for a bird, though Catherine didn't notice much past the color as she stilled when it fluffed. After a moment it settled against and gave another inviting whistle.

She couldn't help but smile brighter as she finally made it to the middle of the clearing, almost an arms reach from the bird. She was about to whistle back again when the brush behind her rustled. She turned with a scream when something big and brown came bolting out of the the bushes.

"Damnit Catherine, you know you aren't supposed to wander from the main paths." Thomas growled softly from the back of his horse as he ignored her scream of surprise.

Catherine's hand settled over her heart as she caught her breath and watched him with angry eyes. "You shouldn't startle me so! And you're going to scare her!" Because she was sure the sweet bird was a she.

Thomas trotted the horse to her as he ignored her words and dark look as easily as he ignored her scream. He could tell by looking at her that she was fine so he let his frustration settle more in his gaze. "Birds are always around, even at the Palace, Princess. And had you not wandered, you wouldn't have been scared." He held his hand out to her. "Come. Your parents are worried."

Catherine sighed as she looked over her shoulder to find the bird gone. She eyed his hand for a long moment before she took it and let him pull her up into his lap. "It was a jeweled bird. With a sweet song. Something I have never seen or heard before," she infomred him as her chin rose slightly.

His arm wrapped around her waist as he turned the horse and started walking it back the way he'd come. "Something too pretty or sweet tends to be the most deadly, and it means magic is usually behind it. You know that."

Catherine didn't reply as she looked over Thomas' shoulder to see the bird back on the log and watching them leave. She wasn't sure if it was her eyes, the sun, or something else but for a moment it looked as though the bird were made of flames not jewels. She shivered a little when after it took flight and left the clearing, there were scorched talon marks on the log. Still shivering, she sank down against Thomas' chest as they left the clearing.


She looked up at the concern in his tone and she caught the softer look that was etched with worry before his gaze flickered back up to guide the horse and watch their surroundings. "I'm fine. Just a little chilled." She snuggled into him more and let his warmth and presence sooth her. "But getting better."

His thumb slid along her side gently with a nod and the briefest kiss to her hair as they continued home. It was a long ride, she'd wandered farther than she'd realized following the song, but it was comfortable as she rested against him.


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