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Chuck moved with Blair's hand, needing her guidance into the room. She had said, quite brightly, that she had a surprise for him, and had then promptly stripped and blindfolded him before she had lead him to their play room. She pushed his shoulders and he fell back lightly into a chair. "Do I get to see anytime soon, love?"

"Patience, Bass," she murmured with a smirk. She stood there and watched him sit, waiting for what she'd do next. He had, and had always had, a little more patience than the blond in their threesome. She had a fleeting thought of tying him to the chair, but she knew that he'd hate that. Maybe as punishment, she thought to herself. "I have a couple rules. Think you can follow them?"

His hands rose and found her hips. He'd been trying for her waist, but he wasn't used to having to only use his hearing to find her. "Depends on the rules," he answered with a smirk as his thumbs traced bare skin. He did love the way she shivered under his touch every time.

"Rule one, you stay in this chair until I tell you that you can leave it." She caught his hands and guided them to the arms of his chair. "Rule two, no touching."

His head tilted, not really liking the second rule. "No touching what?" He had to be clear.

Blair chuckled softly, she had already known that he wouldn't particularly like the second rule. "No touching me, Serena, or yourself unless given permission to do so." Her hand wrapped around him and she stroked him a couple times before she let go and stepped back. She loved how his hips arched, seeking her touch, and he groaned. "I want you to sit here and watch, hard and waiting until I want you to join."

"So demanding," he groaned darkly. It was very rare that he let Blair top him, let her set the rules for their play souly by herself. But, especially in situations like this, he found himself curious and wanting to see where it lead. To see just what she had planned. Which was why his head dipped in a small nod, "I agree to your rules."

"Good. You break either rule and I'll tie you to the chair," she promised before she tugged his blindfold off and kissed him softly.

Chuck blinked as the room came into focus. His eyes slid, dark and hungry, along Blair's naked form as she moved to the center of the room. What was waiting there made him groan softly. Serena stood in the center of the room, feet flat on the floor and about shoulder's width apart, and her hands were bound together with silk rope that had then been hung from a hook in the ceiling to stretch her body taunt and show her beautifully on display. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, so it wouldn't obstruct any view or get in the way, and she was watching her lovers with dark, wanting eyes.

Blair's hand slid feather light along Serena's stomach and she smiled at how the muscles fluttered under her touch. "She's beautiful, isn't she?" She smirked as her eyes met Chuck's and she slipped behind their blond, hiding most of her own body from view.

Chuck's eyes darkened as he watched Blair's hand slide up that creamy flesh, nails painted a dark crimson so they stood out stark against the skin, to cup a breast. "Yes, she is."

Blair loved both how riveted Chuck already seemed as he watched them and how eager Serena was as the blond arched into her touch for more. "We've been exploring," her nail caught Serena's nipple sharply and both watched as she arched more with a soft, breathy moan, "and I thought you'd love to see what she can take now, how she just purrs and begs for more."

"Seems my girls have been busy," Chuck murmured darkly. He watched as Blair's nail tugged sharply again, hardening the already taunt bud more.

Blair chuckled as Serena moaned again. "You have no idea, but you will." She kissed Serena's shoulder with just a hint of teeth. "What should we show him first, pet?" Her hand slid to give the same sharp attention to her other breast. "Would you like the clamps?"

Serena arched again as she moaned. Blair had barely started and she was already so wet. She wanted to rub her thighs together, but she'd been told to keep her feet apart or there would be punishment. It took a moment for her to register that she was being spoken to. " Queen...please. The clamps...and than whatever you wish."

Chuck's eyes darkened more as he watched them. He had to say he loved how easily Blair settled into the dark, dominating Queen as well as her use of the word pet for Serena, and he loved how Serena submitted and used Queen like others would use Mistress or Master. It was so very the opposite to how he used the same word, his own use invoking an equality between Blair and himself instead of a submission. The show of giving Blair complete power over her had Chuck leaning forward a little as he watched, he'd never seen them like this, they'd been hiding this, but he loved how they were giving him the new knowledge of the depths of their relationship. "Clamps?" He questioned curiously, because he didn't think that they honestly meant what he thought. Serena was too soft for that.

Blair's hand left Serena after another sharp tug with her nails that left Serena moaning at the tug before she whimpered for the loss of touch. She smiled wickedly at Chuck as she moved to their well organized toy chest at the end of the bed. "Yes, clamps. She loves them so much." She pulled out the two small clamps and a length of sliver chain before she moved in front of Serena. Her mouth lowered and she tugged and sucked at Serena's nipple to make sure it was rock hard. There was both a wonderful feeling of power knowing Serena could only arch into her, no hands to use and a loving feeling that she was that eager for the touch and what she knew was to come. Her fingers circled the nipple feather light as she smiled at Serena. "Ready for the first one, pet?"

Serena shivered at that light touch as her head nodded. Her eyes were dark with want and anticipation and her lips were parted just so. "Yes. Please, My Queen..."

She wanted until the please before she settled the first clamp, dark eyes darkening more at the way Serena arched sharply and cried out. there were no words as her mouth worked Serena's other nipple to rock hardness, a slightly sharper edge of teeth just before she pulled away that earned another cry. She didn't ask for the second one, just looked at Serena's face and knew by the way Serena was watching her that she was ready for it. The second earned the same sharp arch and cry as the first and Blair smiled as her fingers fluttered lightly along the top of Serena's breasts.

"How tight are those clamps?" Chuck questioned, voice dark and low. His hand was holding onto the arm of the chair tightly because he really did want to wrap around himself and stroke as Blair worked Serena. That or move over to help earn those sounds from Serena, but he didn't want to be tied down.

Blair smiled, attaching the silver chain gently to the small hoops that hung from the clamps. "They're a really light clamp. Just enough pressure to stay closed and on her." She half turned to give Chuck a better view of how the clamps settled on Serena's breast and how beautifully delicate the sliver chain between them hung, not touching her rib cage because she was too big breasted. "But they tighten if you pull the chain," she trailed off as her hand reached and she started to pull the chain very carefully and slowly towards Chuck. Her smile darkened as Serena arched with a cry of both pleasure and edging pain.

Chuck groaned darkly at that sight, watching how Serena arched and Blair just radiated confidence and power. "Beautiful..."

Blair let the chain drop and gave Serena a reprieve for now. "We've been working on getting her to like a little pain, tugging them when she cums so her mind and body will react better without the sharp pleasure to soften the blow." She was proud of Serena for coming so far with them, with it all. She loved this aspect of their relationship. Her eyes sharpened a little on Chuck, "Do I need to find you rope, Bass?"

Chuck blinked and it took her words for him to realize that he was inching more towards the edge of the chair, like he'd be joining them any minute. He slide back to be more solidly into it with a small shake of his head. He had to say, that Queen in her sent a shiver down even his spine and made his hips shift impatiently. "No," he murmured as his head tilted a little, an almost offer of throat. There was no question, Blair was in charge tonight. Even he would heel under her thumb or she'd make him and revel in it.

"Good," Blair murmured as she watched him with dark eyes for a moment longer. She turned back to Serena when she was sure that he would stay in his seat without needing rope to keep him there. Her fingers trailed from the edge of Serena's breasts down, feather light to her hip. "What to do first, hmm, pet?"

Serena gave a whimper at that light touch, body rolling and wanting more. She wanted a harder, more solid touch and she wanted Blair's fingers to continue down even as they stopped at her hip. "Anything, my Queen. Just make me yours," Serena panted, not from pleasure but from want.

Blair leaned up and kissed Serena deeply for that answer as her hand cupped Serena's cheek. "Paddle first, I think. Show him how good you squirm with a good spanking." She didn't wait for an answer, it wasn't really Serena's choice after all, and moved back to the toy chest. She came back holding a paddle that was a soft, blue distressed leather that almost felt like velvet on skin when it was just being rubbed. The irony of the paddle was that it wasn't shaped like those stupid fraternity paddles that you painted and gave to your brother or sister in the Greek system. This one was shaped like a heart that had a handle at the end.

"My wicked, wicked girls," Chuck murmured he watched Blair slide the paddle gently along Serena's hip. The way Serena shuddered with pleasure was practically inspiring. "I need to take a look in the toy chest more often to see what you two are playing with."

Blair chuckled as she slipped the paddle up along the inside of Serena's thigh, brushing her dripping core very lightly. The way Serena gave a low sound, trying to fight the bonds to let her settle more solidly on the paddle so she could have any kind of stimulation made Blair's look darken. "Ah, ah, pet. You know you don't get your pleasure until we're done. Try that again and you get punished," she murmured darkly. It wasn't harsh, her look and tone, merely commanding and promising. She'd never hurt Serena, after all. Serena's punishments tended to be things like not getting release until Blair decided she'd made her penance. And they really had just barely started, so Serena doing that was too early.

Serena stopped, trembling a little, with a soft, "Please, my Queen."

Blair smirked darkly as she slide the paddle from between Serena's legs and along her ass. "We're going to start light and get harder until you're can't take anymore. And unlike normal, pet, it gets too much and you can just tell me. No safe word tonight, this is just to show Chuck what a good pet you are, how proud of you I am. So you're free to say it's too much tonight with real words. Alright?"

Serena shivered, her brain working through Blair's words before she nodded and her ass arched into the paddle. "No safe word, just tell you. I understand, my Queen." She arched a little more against the paddle, on her toes to do so. "Do I have to answer each like normal?"

Blair's head tilted slightly and she tapped Serena very lightly. "Yes. So I know you're still alright and not trying to take more than you can for Chuck and I." The closer to Serena's line Blair got, the harder it was for her to talk at all and she never wanted to cross that line, even if Serena seemed determine to push it sometimes in the hopes to please Blair further.

Serena gave a soft sound of want for that light tap and she trembled more as she waited for Blair to start. "Yes, My Queen," her voice was breathy as she answered Blair and waited for the spanking to really start.

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