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Tony moved through the little house quietly. It was a little warmer than normal for this time of year in St. Barts, but that honestly just meant less clothes all around. He moved out onto the little patio, coming up behind one of the lounge chairs as he looks out over the view of beautiful beach. His hand slid gently through Cassie's hair gently and he smiled at the soft purr of contentment she gave for the affection.

One of the biggest reasons they vacationed here more than anywhere else was laying out tanning in front of him. Cassie didn't have to wear clothes here and he for one really would never be sad about that. He dipped down to kiss her lazily as his hand continued to slide over her and cup a breast. "Always so beautiful."

Cassie arched into his hand with a soft moan as she kissed him back. Her fingers caught the drawstrings of the only piece of clothing Tony was wearing and she pouted up at him. "You're wearing too many clothes, Tony."

He chuckled and slipped out of them before slipping into the lounger with her, snuggling against her back. "For you, a pair of socks is too many clothes, my love." He dipped to kiss along her shoulder with soft nips at her warm skin.

She gave another soft moan and shivered under his mouth. "Don't like clothes," she murmured as her leg slid backwards over his hip. She drew him closer, wanting him to be as close as possible.

Tony's hand slid down her side, raising goosebumps along her skin, and along her hip. He shifted her just a little before he pushed into her slowly, wanting to feel every inch of skin sliding against her and into her. "Keeps us apart," he answered back with a soft groan.

Her head fell back against his shoulder with a breathy moan as her hips pushed back against his, taking him in just that much faster. When he was completely sheathed inside her, her leg tightened as much as she could so he'd just rest with her like that. "I never want to be apart from you. Never separated..."

He smiled against her shoulder, content for the moment to just rest like that. His hand slide down along her stomach, pushing a little against it and feeling himself under all her muscles. "You never have to be, Cassie. I'm yours, always."

Cassie gave a soft whimper of pleasure when he pushed down on her, hips rocking a little to encourage a slow pace. "Swear..."

He slide her leg a little higher on his hip, opening her up a little more so he could start a slow pace that he knew would drive her crazy. Though with his answer of, "I swear," he thrust into her hard and fast, loving the cry of pleasure she gave.

Her hand moved to lace with his where he was holding her leg, body already asking for a faster pace as she gave a softly whimpered, "Please, Tony..."

He chuckled darkly before shifting to give her a fast, hard pace that had the lounger under them rocking a little. He loved being soft and gentle with her, but he loved that she could take the rough, and actually wanted that roughness. "Anything for you, my Sunshine," he groaned against her shoulder.

They moved like that for a while, bodies shining with sweat from both them moving together and the sun. It wasn't too long before her cries turned to begging whimpers. "P...please...fuck...Tony..."

He didn't need much more encouragement, already as close as she was, before he shifted her body just a little more. It was an angle she wouldn't be able to stay in for long, but just long enough that he could thrust deeper into her fast and hard as his fingers applied pressure to her clit.

She came with a scream, her body bucking against his, muscles tightening around him, and her nails sinking deep into his hip. He came one thrust later with a low, all male sounding cry and a bite to her shoulder that marked her skin deeply. They both slumped after a moment, panting and her body still shuddering with little after shocks as he drew her out of the slightly awkward position to rest against his chest. He really wasn't looking to move any time soon and from her bonelessness he knew she wasn't either.

He nuzzled her hair, staying deep inside her as he wrapped more snuggly around her. "When...does Sammy get back?"

She curled into him with a lazy, sated sound as her eyes closed. "He said he'd be out past lunch. So no moving for a while...I want to stay just like this..."

Tony chuckled and tipped her head to kiss her deeply. "I think that is the best idea of the day. Though we may move a little more before the morning is over, just not from this chair."

Cassie gave a soft sound into the kiss. "Perfect..."


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