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Sam's mouth parted slightly as he watched Tony's body, eye's following a trailing bead of sweat down his body. His eyes slid from the bead of sweat to Tony's hand as he rose Cassie's leg up and over his shoulder, causing her to arch a little sharper with a breathy moan. He'd never seen his sister in this kind of position, he'd never wanted to. And while half of his mind told him he should leave now, before either caught him, the other half wondered why he'd never tried to see her like this because she was breathtaking.

He'd seen Tony like this more than most people might think. The two had cruised the clubs for girls a lot before Tony had started to date Cassie, and he'd even joined Tony, shared a girl with him, occasionally. And part of him fantasized about joining them, slipping into her from behind, feeling Tony inside her as they moved together. A soft cry from Cassie, followed by a low dark sound from Tony brought Sam back to the present and he watched as Tony's fingers dipped to work Cassie's clit. She arched sharply with a whined sound before a couple more thrusts had her screaming Tony's name. One last powerful thrust into her had Tony arch with a low cry of her name with her.

The sight of them in that perfect moment, both arched in perfect ecstasy, had him biting back a moan. He memorized that scene before him just before they both slumped and Tony kissed her with a lazy sound. Sam eased away from the door of their bedroom carefully. He wasn't supposed to be spying, let alone at the villa the three were sharing for their vacation. He'd told them he was going out to find some fun, but he'd gotten bored soon after he'd arrived. Now, he moved silently through the villa and back towards the bar with a purpose. He didn't want to sate the hunger watching them had risen in him alone and he knew that they'd never let him join, which left finding a pretty at the bar. Something that wouldn't take him any time tonight.


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