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Ceire moved with the body behind her, hips swaying and rocking to the music as his hand slid higher under her shirt. Her eyes were closed and her head was back against his shoulder when she felt his attention shift a little and she gave a low questioning hum.

Arzeal's head dipped to nip Ceire's ear before he answered that hum. "We have a lost little angel, my Pet."

Nails along her stomach made her arch against Arzeal as she opened her eyes and smirked. "Oh, he's not lost. Just trying to prove a point." One he didn't even look like he would be able to follow through with, really if the wide-eyed reaction to the club around him was any indication. It was more than literally a Den of Sin, mostly frequented by demons that walked topside though a few wayward humans played here also.

"They aren't welcome here, Ceire." His tone was dark as he watched the angel move towards them.

She laughed softly, an almost musical quality to it, and turned to kiss him deeply. "He wanted to prove he could walk into the lion's den. Give me some credit, it's not like I invited more than him. He's young, perfect for the corrupting, brother-mine."

He gave a low sound into the kiss and nipped her lower lip sharply as he took in her words. "He's your responsibility."

Her head dipped in an almost bow, almost nod and her eyes flashed both with amusement and power. "I'll take very good care of him," she purred darkly before moving to the angel with more sway to her hips than is actually needed. She knew how to show him a sinfully delicious good time, tempting him well in the hopes that he'd follow her father and fall.
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