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[Continuing... Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3.a, Pt.3.b, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7, Pt.8, Pt.9, Pt.10, Pt.11, Pt.12, Pt.13, Pt.14, Pt.15, Pt.16, Pt.17, Pt.18, Pt.19, Pt.20, Pt.21, & Pt.22.]

"Which one shots people again?"

Chuck shifts his arms around her, fingers above hers on the buttons. His finger presses down lightly to show her. "This one pulls the trigger on the gun, this one launches grenades, and this one switches to the grenade launcher." His fingers move over the controls above hers, letting her feel which buttons instead of telling her what color or which trigger it is on the controller. He's figuring if her body just registers the movement with the action, she'll learn faster since she needs to not look down during a shooter game like Call of Duty. His finger presses lightly over the 'Y' button, "And this one switches from your main gun to your pistol."

She bites her lip lightly, moving the character around a little jerkily before she squeaks when the screen turns bloody. "Why can't I see?" She asks a little startled.

"Because someone is shooting at you." He points to the building, "Go in there and get out of fire."

She moves as directed, concentrating on making sure not to get shot again. "Will it go away?"

He kisses her temple, "Yes, it will. Just give it a second." True to his word, the blood does fade over a few seconds, leaving the screen clear for her to see everything again.

"Now how do I know where I'm supposed to go in this game?" She murmurs as she gets used to moving the character around with the two joysticks.

He points at the screen, "See how you have that white circle in the middle and it has an arrow growing out of it? Follow the direction of the arrow."

She nods quietly as she moves her character in the direction the arrow is pointing, chewing on her lip as she watches the screen carefully, trying to see or pin point enemies she has to shoot as she moves her character. She doesn't get very far before she jumps in surprise with a soft squeak when her character makes a sound and then collapses. "What? What happened?"

He can't help but chuckle softly as the screen shows her where the kill shot had come from. "You have to watch more than just the street. Enemies can be in windows, allies, and even rooftops."

She looks over her shoulder at him, "Can there a way that it's just the two of us so I can get used to the controls without people randomly killing me like that?"

He kisses her shoulder before he slips from under her to grab the extra controller. "Yes, my dear. We can go into a one on one battlefield and I can be nice and let you shoot me."

She smiles a little, watching him bend over to grab his controller from next to the system. "Thank you, Chuck. You're so sweet to let me do that."

He chuckles as he turns it on and signs into his own account as he settles back on the couch with her, though since he'll be using his own controller she doesn't end up back in his lap. "You're the only one I'd do this for, too. No one else will ever get the random chance to have me stand still for target practice."

She leans and kisses his cheek gently before curling up against his side, legs stretched out along the rest of the couch with the controller in her lap. " says you have a message from someone named Gldnboy1?" The name is more spelled out than said as she stumbles over it a little.

He looks up and hits the middle button, "That's Nate. He wants to know if I want to play with him online." He smiles at her, "I'll tell him maybe later after I've taught you some more. He and I get a little competitive and I don't want to accidentally use you as cannon fodder because you're still learning." He types out a message pretty fast of that nature and sends it back to Nate.

"I should had him to my friends list, shouldn't I?" She asks softly as her head tips up questioningly. "Since he's got an account and all?"

He nods and smiles, "Give it until we're done playing and you should have a friend request from him. I sent him your name on here." He chuckles when he opens and reads the new message from Nate.

Blair frowns softly as she reads the message too, poking Chuck's side. "I am not terrible at it, just learning!" She huffs a little as she watches Chuck type her answer into a message and send it to Nate before Chuck grabs the headset off the table and plugs it into his controller. "What are you doing?"

Chuck nods to the screen as he requests a voice chat with Nate, "Voice chat. This way we can talk to Nate and still play our game and you can learn."

She gives him a suspicious look, "But you're the only one with the headphones."

He smirks a little as a, "Hey Guys," comes from the television.

"Hello Nathaniel," Chuck answers, "Hang on one second." He turns back to Blair, settling the headphones around his neck so the mic rests between the two of them since Blair was leaning on him. "I've set it up so the person I'm talking to just comes through the TV speakers so I don't have to cut down my hearing by wearing headphones."

She beams a little because it's awesome that it seems like this won't be a problem. "Hi, Nate," she murmurs into the mic as she continues to watch Chuck suspiciously.

"I have to say, I never expected you to be on a video game system, Blair. Least of all a shooter," Nate chuckles softly.

She huffs again as she watches Chuck set up their one on one on one of the smallest terrains that the game has for this. "It's been a big thing for both of you, you just never offered to show me before."

"Ouch," Nate murmurs softly.

Chuck just smirks, fingers reaching out to caress Blair's cheek. "The Lady has a point, Nathaniel. We spend enough time on our video games and she has been curious before. I merely offered to show her why we enjoyed them so much and she jumped at the chance."

Blair's head turns to nip his shoulder with a smile. "And now Chuck is going to stand still and let me shoot him so I can learn the controls better than having the game kill me before I get them down."

"He's going to stand still and let you shoot him? That doesn't sound like Chuck at all," Nate laughed softly.

"Haha. I may not stand still once she learns how to use the trigger buttons well enough," he looks down at Blair and chuckles softly. "I promise not to use my guns until you get the hang of things though. But you're going to have to learn how to shoot a moving target and then how to find and shoot a hiding target. We'll go slow though, I promise."

Blair leans up and kisses Chuck softly, "Alright. Thank you for being so patient with me."

Chuck smiles, kissing her back, "You're welcome, Blair."

"Okay, you two are way to soft for me to be comfortable hearing," Nate interrupts softly over the television.

Blair laughs softly, "You've seen and heard me soft before, Nate." She nods when Chuck silently asks if she's ready to start, watching the screen as it changes to the loading screen.

"No, I know, but Chuck has never really been soft. It's," Nate pauses a moment to find the right word, "different," he finishes after a moment.

"Chuck is sitting right here," he murmurs as he turns his character after the round starts, checking out where he is for the moment.

"Sorry," Blair murmurs as she moves her character around a little. She's still a little jerky in her movements but they're slowly getting smoother, especially since she doesn't have an enemy shooting at her to disrupt her focus of learning.

"Sorry, man. I didn't mean to talk like you weren't here. Just, you know what I mean," Nate commented softly.

Chuck leans to kiss Blair softly, distracting her momentarily from learning. He's good though, as it's only a moment before he's letting her get back to finding his character. "I know, just felt like I shouldn't be sitting here for a moment." He points to the little green radar screen in the corner of Blair's section of the screen. "If you watch the screen there, when you get close enough I'll appear as a red dot on that to tell you approximately where I am."

Blair chews her lip again, watching the screen as her character moves around to look for Chuck's character. "Okay," she murmurs. She smiles when a red dot appears on her screen, following it to him. "There you are!"

Chuck chuckles, along with the sound of Nate chuckling from his end. "Yes, there I am, Blair. Now, you can either stop there and practice long range shooting or come right up to me and use the knife your character has."

"You have no idea how much I wish I could actually see this," Nate laughs softly.

Blair blushes slightly, looking up at Chuck. "Which one is the knife again?" As she asks her character is getting closer to his. "And hush, you. You can see me play when I'm better and can shoot Chuck while he's shooting at me."

Chuck laughs softly, hand wrapping around her shoulders, hand settling over hers to tap the finger over the button. "Press that and you'll slit my character's throat when you're close enough."

She does as told, watching Chuck's character crumple with a soft, triumphant laugh. "How many times are you going to let me do this before you start moving?"

"Only until you seem to be getting the buttons down when you find me. Then I start moving and dodging so you have to work for your kills," Chuck answers with a grin.

There's a muffled sound on Nate's end that has both looking up at the screen before they hear Nate again. "Mom's calling me to do something for her. I'll catch you later for a game, Chuck. And I look forward to seeing how well you take to the game, Blair."

"Bye Nate," Blair answers with a smile because she's found where Chuck has re-spawned.

"Goodbye, Nathaniel." Chuck's reply is filled with a soft laughter as he watches Blair try to shoot him from a distance. His arms wrap around her again, his controller set on her stomach so he can use both hands to show her how to use the scope on her gun so she can have a slightly better accuracy when she shoots.

She cheers a little when his character goes down, turning to kiss him since he's letting himself die. "You're so good to me." She looks at the television for a moment, "He's no longer online, right?"

Chuck chuckles softly, kissing her back. "No, Nathaniel has signed off for now, and of course I'm good to you. I like seeing you smile and laugh." He hugs her to him for a moment as she looks for him again. "And you're getting good at this without distractions."

She laughs softly, "Why do I feel like the distractions you're going to give me aren't in game?"

"Because you know me well?" He grins, nuzzling her throat gently. It's only when she goes to shoot his character that he nips her throat gently.

Blair gives a soft sound as her shot goes a little wide, head scrunching a little towards her shoulder. "That isn't fair!"

"All's fair in war, my dear Blair." He smiles, though he raises his head and picks his controller back up. "But fine, I'll just make it harder to find me by moving around on you."

She gives a soft sound that's almost what she normally makes when she's play pouting, though she works with this new obstacle. By the time they take a break for lunch she's gotten good enough that she can find him from across the field without the radar in the corner, though she's still working on being able to take him out from that far. They stopped with the threat that after lunch, he'll be starting to shoot back at her so she'll have to deal with the blood on her screen and while she huffs a little it's the playful kind that has a smile under it as they set into getting lunch.

[Continued here.]
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