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[Continuing... Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3.a, Pt.3.b, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7, Pt.8, Pt.9, Pt.10, Pt.11, Pt.12, Pt.13, Pt.14, Pt.15, Pt.16, Pt.17, Pt.18, Pt.19, & Pt.20.]

The day was almost perfect enough to make Blair forget for a time that Serena still hadn't called her back. She should have known that being naked next to Chuck meant he'd indulge before they every got out of bed. She had to say though, that waking up moaning his name was something she could get used to; he really was amazing with that tongue of his.

After waking her in the most pleasant way possible, he made them breakfast. Since he'd indulged already, they both got dressed and she had settled on the counter to watch him cook, no teasing today. They did have a silly conversation about the simplest of things that had her laughing softly as he cooked, a lighter breakfast this morning. Egg whites and fruit were the menu after a comment about how he was just trying to fatten her up. He'd also promised to switch between cooking the really good, but fattening meals and the things like a special salad dinner for them or a light pasta dish, giving them a better variety of food to eat and it'd be healthier too.

They spent the morning walking through Central Park, Blair curled up in his side and just enjoying the summer and each other. It was nice to be out of school and not have to worry about uniforms or classes, though Chuck could feel the edge of stress Blair had because she was worried about her friend. He hated that she was so upset over this and while he could distract her from it he couldn't fix it for her. Though that just lead to him trying to make sure she had a damn good time to make up for her worry and upset.

Lunch at Butter was delicious as always. They'd both been a little surprised to see Nate there, but it didn't throw them off too much and they joined him with smiles all around. She'd told him what she'd learned about Serena being in England with her brother and Mother. It didn't make him feel any better because of how Serena had just up and left, but Blair seemed to relax just a touch at being able to share the worry with more than just Chuck. Chuck was a lot of help, but when it came to the friendship they were a close knit foursome, so having all corners in the same place helped a lot.

After Butter, Nate headed off for plans with the Captain while Blair and Chuck headed to the art museum. They spent all afternoon making slow rounds to their favorite paintings, sometimes just sitting and looking at them from the bench, all curled up and couple-y. She couldn't remember the last time she'd had such a perfect time at the museum.

He delivered dinner as promised, just the two of them at the Russian Tea Room. It was probably the best day Blair had had in a long while and she was glad that Chuck had gone to all the trouble to make it as perfect for her as he did.

The evening eventually finds them sitting at the piano. Chucks fingers were moving over the keys to play a soothing song that was classical and bordered almost on lullaby while Blair leaned against him gently with her head on his shoulder.

"You're trying to put me to sleep, aren't you," she murmurs softly as her eyes flutter a moment before closing. Between the good dinner and the shared dessert and now the soft music, she was relaxing a lot more.

He chuckles softly as he leans to kiss her temple. "That wasn't my intention. I was just looking to help you relax some before we have to part and I have to head home."

She snuggles a little more into him as she can without disrupting his playing. "Well it's working in spades," she answers through a yawn. She had to say, this was probably the perfect end to the perfect day. Though the mention of him heading home has her snuggling just a little deeper against him. She's gotten a little too used to having him to curl up on these past two days. "Don't want you to go," she murmurs softly.

He dips to kiss her softly. "Have to. Dorota would skin me alive if I stayed and you know it."

Blair gives a soft huff, "We could sneak you into my room. I have my own bathroom, so it's not like she'd find you," she counters as her eyes open and she looks up at him.

He smiles, kissing her again. "If you promise there would be no skinning or yelling, I'll stay."

She beams a little, deepening the kiss for that answer. "You are the best," she murmurs with a happy bounce.

"I don't want to talk about it now, Harold. I just want to go to bed."

Chuck's fingers still at the angry sound of Blair's mother, both watching Blair's parents step off the elevator as they argue a little loud. They haven't been noticed and both fall silent so they won't be unless they need to be. Blair shifts back against Chuck, snuggling into the feel of his arm around her waist for the support.

Harold catches Eleanor's arm gently, "We should discuss it now."

Eleanor tugs her arm from him with an angry, "Tomorrow," before heading upstairs without another word.

Harold sighs, running his hand through his hair as he stands near the bottom of the steps watching her go before he turns and stops short. "Chuck, Blair Bear...We didn't see you there."

Blair slowly stands, chewing her lip as she waits for Chuck to stand as well so the pair can walk over to him together. "Chuck was just playing the piano before he headed home," she murmurs softly, feeling a little small at seeing that from her parents.

Harold opens his arms for Blair, hugging her tightly when she walks into them. "It's late, Sweetheart. Say goodnight and head to bed, alright?"

She nods, sinking a little because with the surprise and somewhat random return of her parents there's no way Chuck can sleep over. "Yes, Daddy." She hugs him tightly before letting go and stepping back into Chuck's waiting embrace.

Harold kisses her hair while he hugs her. He nods at Chuck, "Goodnight you two." With one last look at his daughter he heads upstairs to go to bed next to his angry wife.

Chuck kisses her temple before turning her in his arms and hugging her. "Another time, my sweet Blair," he murmurs softly. "Tomorrow though, my place? We can finally have me teach you video games?"

She snuggles deep into his arms with a nod, "Yes please." She didn't like the angry words her parents shared, she didn't need that right now with Serena already missing. She was hoping though, that it was just a little misunderstanding and that it would be resolved before breakfast. After a moment she leans up and kisses him deeply, deep enough to pull a low sound from him as she's tugged tighter against him.

"Fire," he murmurs into the kiss as he holds her closer enough that she'll be able to feel what she does to him.

"I like playing with it," she answers back with a soft sound for the feel of him against her, both because she likes it but because she can't do anything about it. "Tomorrow, we'll sate it..."

He nips her lip a little sharply, loving the soft whine he gets. "Count on it, Blair." He kisses her again before he gives a low sound and steps away, eyes dark. "Tomorrow," he pants softly, trying to control himself. "I'll come pick you up after breakfast?"

She watches him, part of her really wanting to pounce him for how dark that look is. "After breakfast," she agrees. "Mother and Daddy will expect me to eat with them."

"I know." He moves, slowly, to cup her cheek and kiss her with a restrained sweetness. "I shall see you then, Blair. Sweet dreams, my sweet."

She kisses him back with a smile. "I'll see you tomorrow, Chuck. Sweet dreams to you too." She watches him leave, waiting until the elevator doors close before she heads upstairs to get ready for bed and sleep; dreaming of Chuck and how happy he makes her.

[Continued here.]
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