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[Continuing... Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3.a, Pt.3.b, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7, Pt.8, Pt.9, Pt.10, Pt.11, Pt.12, Pt.13, Pt.14, Pt.15, Pt.16, Pt.17, Pt.18, & Pt.19.]

The food was delicious and Blair was glad she ordered a salad. With Chuck cooking for her, her meals had been a little heavier than they normally were and while he was a damn fine cook she needed the lighter meals too. Lighter meals left her feeling less like she needed to let the stress get to her and purge herself of everything. Granted, having Chuck to curl into settled the need to do that too.

After they ate, they both curled up on the couch for a little while longer before she took him up on that jacuzzi bath. She currently sits on the edge of the tub and watches Chuck as he gets the water the right temperature and grabs the jasmine bubble bath she'd requested. She knows it wasn't here before but she wasn't sure when he'd gotten it, though she suspects it was when he'd had the food delivered. "You're not letting me out of your sight for a while, are you." It's not so much a question but a very soft statement.

He moves in front of her and caresses a hand along her hair gently. "No. I want you by my side on a regular basis, but with all of this going on I want you here even more so I know you're alright," he answers softly. His fingers slide to play along her cheek, "So no, I'm not letting you out of my sight unless I have to."

She stands and kisses him softly before she starts to undress. "I after tonight I have to continue sleeping at home. By tomorrow, Dorota will find out Serena isn't in town."

He can't help when his hand reaches out to cup and knead a breast when it's so openly available, smiling when she makes a soft noise in reply. "I think I can live with that, though having you to myself, curled up in my arms might spoil me some."

Her eyes darken because of his hand on her though his words earn a soft smile. "We'll get there, Chuck. Give us time and it'll eventually feel like I've moved in."

He pinches her nipple with a darker look, "I'll be honest, part of me panics a little at the idea but a bigger part of me says I like sleeping next to you and we work so well together already."

She gives a soft whimper at that pinch before she backs up a step so he can't continue before slipping into the warm water and bubbles. "Hopefully when it's time, that panicked part won't be around any more."

Chuck nods and strips a little fast before sliding into the tub with her. "Well that's how I'll know it's time to actually ask you." He smiles and tugs her into his side before his arm reaches to turn on those jacuzzi jets.

She gives a content sound at being tucked into his side, though it's an actual moan of happiness when her back settles over a jet. It's like a really good, warm back massage when she sits in front of one and she loves how even just a few moments under the pressure does a world of good. "Might never leave this tub though," she practically purrs.

He chuckles darkly as his fingers trail up and down her arm. "Can leave me, just not the jacuzzi tub. I'm not sure how I feel about that."

Blair shifts, already almost lazily, to kiss him deeply. "Well if I never leave the tub, I'd never leave you either."

He kisses her back, giving a happy sound into it. He has a very strong urge to tug her over to straddle him and take her right here and it's fed into the kiss so he won't go through with it. "Well it's here for your use when you're here."

She gives a low sound at that sudden spike of want, though it's mirrored from her. She's not ready in mind but that doesn't mean her body isn't ready. Since she can't give him what she knows he really wants, she catches his hand and settles it against her. "So good to me," she murmurs against his mouth.

It's a hint he takes well as his fingers settle over her to tease her and work a finger into her, loving the sounds she makes when he pleases her. "Always will be, Blair," he murmurs against her ear before his head dips to nip along her throat.

She moans and whimpers as her body moves under his hand, sloshing the water around a little more than the jets. She knows he's not looking to take his time with her because his thumb settles over her clit to work her faster when her breathing becomes a little panted. Worked hard and fast, it's not long before she's crying out with her back bowed a little and a tight grip on his arm.

He kisses along her skin as he brings her down gently, fingers not quite stopping even after she's down so she can't quite rest. "You're so beautiful," he murmurs softly against her ear.

She whimpers when he doesn't stop, body shifting under him. Though right now she can't take more so she tugs at his wrist. "Chuck," she pants softly. She's already leaning heavily against him, trying to snuggle tightly against him.

His hand stills and slides from her body to rest on her thigh lightly. "Sorry, you just sound so good." He tucks her against his side, kissing her softly.

Blair just gives a lazy and content sound as her head rests on his shoulder after the kiss. "Just, been a long day and I'm not up for more," she explains softly as her hand starts to play gently on the back of his hand.

He laces her hand with his and smiles. "That's fine. After we finish soaking we can curl back up in bed and rest some more before dinner."

Her head nods a little, though her eyes flutter closed. All the pleasure, warm water, and the heavenly scent of jasmine are wearing on her and she's sinking towards sleep fairly fast. "Tomorrow, we can go to my place and you can play for me," she murmurs.

He kisses her hair before shifting them so she'll get up. "I'd be happy to. Let's get you to bed, Blair."

She gives a soft sound before her eyes flutter open at that and she yawns. "Sorry." She watches him get out of the tub, eyes trailing along his body before he wraps a towel around his waist.

When he offers her a hand she takes it and lets him draw her up and out of the tub. She smiles because he even has a fluffy towel ready for her that he wraps around her. She snuggles into the towel as he drains the tub before they both move back to the bedroom. "Tomorrow, I was thinking maybe we could go to the art museum before I play for you?"

She settles in bed, losing the towel once she's under the covers. "I like the sounds of the art museum. Though, I demand a lunch type date or a dinner type date either before or after."

He smiles and drops the towel on a chair before he slips under the covers too. His arm opens and wraps around Blair when she snuggles tightly against him. "How about we do both. Lunch at Butter, just us, and then the art museum before dinner at the Russian Tea Room and then the evening ending with us at your place at the piano with me playing for you?"

Her nose brushes against his shoulder before her head rests on it with a bright smile. "That sounds perfect." Part of her brain thinks this sleeping naked and next to him is weird, but the blankets are warm, as is he and that just makes her feel more comfortable. She's almost asleep before something hits her. "Didn't Georgina threaten to annoyingly stop by today?"

He kisses her hair gently, "I called security one of the times you woke up and told them she wasn't allowed up. I didn't want her showing up when neither of us had much sleep and with everything else."

Blair relaxes more at that, knowing Georgina won't be randomly popping up here is good for the soul. She likes knowing that when it's just her and Chuck up here the only one that might pop over is Nate, who after their talk was on good terms with them again. "You planned ahead," she murmurs happily.

He snuggles down into the bed and her, hand trailing lightly along her side. "Of course I did. I take care of my girlfriend as best I can."

She smiles brightly as she finally lets sleep claim her, wrapped up in Chuck, warmth, and the pleasant scent of Jasmine. It's not long after her breathing evens out that Chuck follows. He'll be glad come morning to find that both of them have made it through the night without bad dreams, glad that the cheering her up and relaxing her helped that much. He knows until Serena calls though, it's going to take time for her to fully feel better. She needs her best friend and he just hopes Serena doesn't take too long.

[Continued here.]
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