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[Continuing... Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3.a, Pt.3.b, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7, Pt.8, Pt.9, Pt.10, Pt.11, Pt.12, Pt.13, Pt.14, Pt.15, Pt.16, Pt.17, & Pt.18.]

Blair whimpers softly in her sleep before she jerks awake, blinking around as her heart speeds both from her dream and being in a room that isn't her bedroom alone. She was still in yesterday's clothes because she'd fallen into a fitful sleep, and that's when her sleepy mind finally makes the connection that this is Chuck's bedroom. She pushes the covers off her and slips out of bed on bare feet as her heart slows to its regular pace. Opening the door she can't help but take a deep breath at the scents in the air that tell her exactly why Chuck hadn't been next to her. She moves quietly to the counter that separates the kitchen from the rest of the big open room, watching him move about and noting that breakfast is almost ready.

His head comes up and he frowns softly, "You're supposed to still be in bed. I was going to surprise you with breakfast."

She blinks sightly, a very soft smile coming to her face. "I...had a bad dream and woke up," she murmurs softly.

He sets the pan down on the counter and moves over to wrap his arms around her. "I'm sorry, Blair. Now that you're up do you want to eat at the table or do you still want breakfast in bed?"

Blair snuggles deeper into him, letting the feel of him around her sooth her frazzled nerves as her eyes close again. "I'm still tired...breakfast in bed and then...maybe just staying there today?"

Chuck catches her chin, bringing her face up for a soft kiss. "You go back, change into your pajamas, and get snuggled back up in bed. I'll be in with your food in a minute. We can watch movies from bed or you can just try to sleep, that's fine."

She leans up to deepen the kiss a little, mostly because he's being so amazing but also because there's a familiarity and comfort in knowing how he'll react to it. Everything has been turned upside down for her right now and she hates it. "Alright, don't take too long."

He gives a soft groan for the deeper kiss, giving her that deepness back. "I won't, my sweet." He kisses her hair before he gives her a very gentle push towards the bedroom. "When you're rested and feeling a little better, my bath has jacuzzi jets that will help relax you more."

She looks over her shoulder, curious and more herself at the mention of that tub. "Only if I have two with me and jasmine scented bubble bath."

He smirks, "You just want me with you so that I'll smell like you, give you more claim over me."

She chuckles very softly, happy that he's cheering her up just a little not because she has to but because he knows how to do it. "No, I want you with me because I like you to curl into, even naked and wet." She brightens just a little when his eyes darken because she hadn't meant it to be taken that way but now that it's out there she likes the sound of that too.

"You do know how much I love you naked and wet, my dear Blair," he murmurs as he wills himself to walk and go back to serving up breakfast. "Go change before I decide to make you breakfast."

Her cheeks pink a little, though the smirk she gives him before she slips back into the bedroom says she wouldn't object to him doing that. She changes into the silk pajama pants and top when she gets back to the room, snuggling into the bed as she waits for him to bring her food.

She's not disappointed either when he enters a few minutes later with a tray holding food for both of them as well as juice. She needs rest, which is why there's no coffee on the tray. Sleeping most of today away isn't out of the picture and he won't make it harder for her to rest by giving her something that will just keep her awake. "Breakfast in bed for my Queen," he murmurs as he settles in bed and sets the tray on the bed so they can both reach it.

"This all looks so wonderful, my Knight." She kisses him before sitting up a little more to be able to eat. "Thank you." She starts with the eggs, picking at them slightly at first before her hunger overcomes her and she actually digs in.

They eat in silence, Chuck watching her carefully as he eats his own food. He's being very careful, giving her smaller portions because of her problems with food. He doesn't want her to have any excuse to turn to that if he can help it, wanting her to lean on him instead.

She finishes her food a little faster than he does and there's a moment where her eyes flicker to the bathroom but she stills when she feels his eyes on her. It's a hard decision for her, to not do what she's practically trained herself to do when stressed, but she forces herself to turn and just curl up with her head on Chuck's chest.

He sets his food down when she curls up on him, arms curling around her to hug her once they're free of food. "It'll be alright, Blair," he murmurs against her hair as his hand pets along her back. He shifts just a little so he can place the tray on the floor and then curls back up with her, murmuring softly against her hair until he can feel her drift off to sleep.

He dozed himself on and off with her and she seemed to sleep a little better than last night but she was still up and down and he was right there with her to sooth her nerves and help her fall back asleep. The morning outside the window seemed to mirror the mood on the Upper East Side well too, being a very gray and rainy morning. The soft pat of rain against the windows helped to sooth Chuck himself back to sleep after she was back to sleeping. He also liked that because it was so gray outside he didn't even need to draw the curtains, just watch the gloomy clouds block out the sun and keep the penthouse fairly dark without many lights on.

Blair finally stirs around lunch on purpose. She snuggles deeper into Chuck, nose against his throat for a moment before her teeth graze his skin.

He gives a soft groan, head tilting to give her more throat though he's still half asleep. Still, he doesn't need to be awake for his hand to slide into her hair to encourage those teeth.

She likes the encouragement and offer of more throat, so she takes advantage of them. Her teeth become more demanding, biting sharply along his skin with a content sound.

"Blair," he moans as his eyes open only to flutter closed at a harder bite. He knows at least two of the bites she's given him are hard enough to last at least the rest of the day.

"I was hungry," she murmurs against his skin. Doing this also helped her mind stay off of everything that was going on outside the penthouse. She shifted a little, sliding down his body and tugging his pants down.

He watches her, body lifting to help her get those pants down. "You know I'll always give you what you want or need, Blair," he murmurs darkly.

She smirks before licking along the underside of him, eyes darker when he moans and shifts into her. "You spoil me and I love it." Her hand wraps around him a moment before she takes him into her mouth. She's done this enough times now to know exactly what he likes and she uses that knowledge to work him fast and hard. She feels so powerful when she does this because of how he pants, groans, and pleads with his body for more and knowing that it's up to her if he goes fast or slow and when he can finally have that release. Today, it's fast, wanting to taste him, which is why she works him as fast and as hard as possible with a fairly solid graze of teeth in the end.

It's the graze of teeth that finally has his bowing a little as he cries out her name, hand tight in her hair, and releases down her throat. He slumps when he's done, panting as he watches her lazily and sated down the line of his body, "I kind of love how I get pleasure but it's spoiling you."

She chuckles darkly as she slides up his body to kiss him deeply, nipping his lip sharply after the kiss. "Because I know you'd let me have you, any time and anywhere I would want you," she murmurs.

He groans again at the taste of himself in the kiss and then again for the nip. "Yes...I really would," he answers. She could ask him to let her suck him off anywhere her heart desired, street, park, restaurant, anywhere.

She smiles very much the cat that ate the canary as she stretches languidly. "I'm still hungry though," she murmurs before sliding out of bed. "We can order anything from room service, right?"

He groans, watching her get up before he fixes his pants and slips out of bed himself. "Anything you want," he murmurs as he catches up with her and kisses her hair.

She snuggles into him, "Caesar salad and some hot tea?"

He kisses her hair again, "I'll order it. Though the tea, I can just put some water on to boil and you can have it before the food gets here."

She smiles and nods, "That sounds good. Thank you, Chuck."

He kisses her with a softly murmured, "You're welcome," before letting her go to curl up on the couch as he heads into the kitchen, ordering the food from as he moves around and gets the water steeping and some coffee brewing for himself. He moves to sit with her, seeing she already found a mindless show on the television. "Food will be here shortly."

She curls into him, eyes flickering between watching the rain and watching the television. "Good. Might eat you if it doesn't."

He chuckles softly, snuggling into her. "I thought you already did."

She laughs softly, "Too true." After lunch can we take that bath and then maybe I can read for a bit?"

He kisses her hair, "Of course, Blair." He only gets up twice, once to get her tea and his coffee and then once to get the food when they knocked. Both ate as they watched the show she'd put on, relaxing into how easy this was to just spend the day together like this.

[Continued here.]
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