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[Continuing... Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3.a, Pt.3.b, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7, Pt.8, Pt.9, Pt.10, Pt.11, Pt.12, Pt.13, Pt.14, Pt.15, Pt.16, & Pt.17.]

"That...went better than I thought it would," Blair murmurs softly as she snuggles into Chuck's side in the car. They had just left Nate, and she'd even given him a hug goodbye before sliding into the car with Chuck. Dinner was heavy and good which was why she was curling more fully into Chuck at the moment.

Chuck's hand slides lightly along her side as he dips to kiss her hair gently. "All of it went better than I thought it would, though he really did want to fix this which helped a lot." He rests his head against hers, eyes closing as he just soaks up the feel of her in his arms. "Now we just have to figure out what's going on with Serena." Because even with everything that occasionally goes on, she doesn't normally not answer their calls so her not answering Nate's is weird.

"I can call her tonight when we get to your place, if you don't mind?" She tilts her head up to look at him, wanting to make sure he'll be fine with it.

She gets a soft kiss when she looks up as he smiles softly at her, "No I don't mind, Blair. The sooner Serena gets a call from you to fix things, the better I think. It has been a full day since you talked to her, that's plenty of reflecting time."

She smiles as she snuggles tighter into his side and rests her head on his shoulder. "She's been left to stew enough, especially if she's not taking Nate's calls. I know I was a little...mean but I was angry and that shouldn't have affected her taking Nate's calls."

His hand continues to slide along her side, just touching lightly as they head to her penthouse to pick up her overnight bag. "She's stubborn," he murmurs lightly. "And we all cut ourselves off from the world when we're hurt to both lick our wounds and heal."

She nods a little, sighing when the car pulls up to her place. "Hopefully I can get her out and shopping tomorrow to make her feel better."

He slides out and helps her out of the car. "Well nothing seems to lift the spirits of women everywhere better than shopping with a friend."

She squeezes his hand once she's out. "It's true. I'll be right back and then we can go." She leans and gives him a kiss before heading inside to get her things. She'd let Chuck come with her, but she was only planning to step off the elevator and grab her things. Plus, Dorota seeing Chuck would make her wonder and that was the last think she needed.

It's not long, maybe only about ten minutes before she's back downstairs and Chuck is helping her back into the car. Her bag is set down on the floor and she's pulled gently into his lap, "So after you call Serena, what would you like to do tonight?"

She snuggles happily against his chest as she thinks. "You could show me what is so fascinating about that video game you and Nate always play. Why when you two get on it no one sees you two for the rest of the day."

He chuckles softly, kissing her hair. "If that's what you want, then that's what we'll do. I'll even give you a personal lesson on how to play."

"Personal lesson? What does that involve?" She's smirking as she asks the question, curious about.

He grins softly, "It involves you sitting in my lap and my arms wrapped around you as I help you learn what buttons do what and how to keep your attention focused."

Her head tilts up to look at him a little more curiously, "Somehow I think with your mouth that close to my throat, my focus is going to be split between learning and you."

His head dips down to kiss her mentioned throat with a smile, "I promise to be very good while you're learning and only be distracting when you get good."

"Being very good, the great Chuck Bass, this will be interesting." She chuckles as her head tilts to give him more of her throat.

He takes a small advantage of her offered skin, kissing along it lightly but actually being good. "Well there are two ways I can be very good," he murmurs softly against her ear.

She shivers happily at his words and the kisses. "You're impeccable at both," she answers softly and with a smile.

Chuck nuzzles her throat as the car pulls up to his building. "Home, sweet, home," he murmurs softly as he slides them to the door and helps her out. He hands her the overnight bag and then slides out himself before taking the bag back because no, she wasn't allowed to carry her own stuff. All she was allowed to do was be tucked into his side and have her temple kissed as they headed upstairs to 1812.

He's wrapped up enough in Blair that he doesn't see who is waiting for them outside his door, though she stops mid stride to his room and stiffens. A good enough cue for him to look up in slight confusion before he scowls slightly. "What part of go away and never come back didn't you understand, Georgina?"

Georgina does something he hasn't seen her do in a long time, she actually fidgets and takes a step away from his door but towards them. "S isn't taking my calls." Last night was bad for them but she'd taken it in stride because she was high, sober it's worrying that she can't get Serena on the phone. Especially because she's worried that Serena will go to the police or Lily.

Chuck frowns before he looks at Blair, "So it's not just Nate that she's not calling back."

Blair chews her lip, starting to get worried. If it had only been Nate, Blair could understand but she didn't know a time that Serena had turned down a chance to party with Georgina. The two went the clubs more times than Serena spent a night with Blair shopping or doing movies recently. "I...need to call her..."

Chuck nods and moves past Georgina to open the door and let Blair inside. He steps in front of the door when Georgina moves to enter as well. "You're really not welcomed here, G."

She frowns at Chuck, eyes flickering to watch Blair put the bag in his bedroom. "I am just as concerned about S as you two are."

"Then be concerned at home. I'll text you what we find out, but you're not coming in." There really was no arguing the fact with him at this either. He just didn't want her in his place anymore.

A fine anger slides across Georgina's face for a brief moment. "Fine, but if I don't hear by morning I'll come back and knock until you and your little virgin are out of bed and answering the door."

Chuck doesn't answer her, just closes the door in her face for that and locks it before he turns to see Blair standing there watching him. "Have you called her yet?"

Her head shakes, "Not yet. She...Everyone is always going to throw that in your face, aren't they...that I'm not..."

He crosses the room, wrapping her up in his arms and kissing her hair. "Shh, Blair. Ignore it. You make me happy, no sex required. I have you, and I have you sleeping next to me tonight. That's all I need."

Her head tilts up, her lip caught between her teeth. "You aren't...going to get impatient or anything?"

He shakes his head as he dips and kisses her softly. "No being impatient or anything. I will treasure every step we take and I will wait until you are ready, no pressure or pushing." He guides them over to the couch, pulling her into his lap. "Promise, Blair."

She snuggles into his chest with a nod, smiling softly. "Thank you, Chuck."

He nuzzles her hair gently, "You don't have to thank me, Blair. You're welcome all the same though." He taps the cellphone she's clutching in her hands. "Call S and put your mind to rest, hmm?" Because while worrisome, he's hoping it's just her being her with Nate and possibly growing up about Georgina. He'd stopped partying with Georgina a while ago, fucking her on the side not withstanding before Blair.

She nods, opens her phone, and dials Serena's number before she sets the phone against her ear. It worries her when it rings for a while and then slides to voicemail. She leaves a small message about being sorry on how she blew up at the wedding and to please call her back before hanging up. "She's not answering my calls either..."

Chuck rests his nose against Blair's hair, hand sliding along her spine to offer comfort. "Well, you can either call Lily now or we can curl up in bed with movies and you can call her tomorrow morning."

Her head tilts up to kiss him softly, the move completely looking for comfort and not any other reason. "I need to call her now. I won't sleep if I don't know what's going on. S gets in over her head sometimes and I don't want to find out later she the hospital or something."

He kisses her back, giving her the comfort she seeks with keeping it all completely comfort and nothing else. "Then call. I'm right here for you, Blair."

Blair nods and dials Lily's number, quietly talking to Serena's mother. It's telling that she gets progressively more upset because she tightens into Chuck, curling in on herself a little though the tears down start until she murmurs a soft, "Thank you," and hangs up.

Chuck hugs her tightly to him, just being there for her. He doesn't want to push her to answer because of how upset she is, just wants her to calm down enough to want to talk to him. So for now he just stays quietly around her.

It's a long while before she raises her head just enough to rest against his throat. "She," Blair gives a soft hiccup from all her crying, "She left. Lily said....that she asked to spend the summer in England. Lily and Eric are joining her in a couple days but she didn't want to...wait..."

Chuck shifts her, murmuring gently against her hair, and stands. He carries her to the bedroom because as soon as she cries herself out she'll be asleep and he wants her as comfortable as she can be. So he settles them both, sans shoes, in bed and curls around her. "I'm sorry, Blair."

"Why didn't she tell me? Call me?" She curls tighter against his chest as one leg wraps around his so she can be as completely surrounded by him.

He continues to murmur against her hair, "She'll come around, Blair." He holds her as she nods slightly against him, petting her and comforting her until her breathing finally evens out and signals she's asleep. It takes a while before he dozes off around her, but he sleeps lightly because he's worried about her. His sleeping light is proven needed because every so often she jerks awake from a dream, only to be soothed back to sleep by soft words and more petting.

[Continued here.]
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