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[Continuing... Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3.a, Pt.3.b, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7, Pt.8, Pt.9, Pt.10, Pt.11, Pt.12, Pt.13, Pt.14, & Pt.15.]

The loud knocking on his door woke Chuck well, but only after it had been going on for a while. It wasn't until the muffled voice of Nate drifted through the wood and his conscious that he rolls out of bed with a grumble. He'd been having a good dream that he hadn't wanted to end, but that seems to always be the times people wake him. Moving to the door, he unlocks it before running a hand through his hair. "Nathaniel, to what do I owe this pleasure?"

"I woke you," Nate murmurs with an apologetic tone. "I thought you'd be up by noon since you weren't out drinking. Sorry, man."

Chuck opens the door wider before moving towards the kitchen for coffee, "Spent a slightly late night with Blair and some movies before I had to get her home." He doesn't look to see if Nate is following him, he knows that the open door will be enough invitation for his friend.

Nate closes the door behind him and follows Chuck to the kitchen, leaning against the counter as he watches Chuck get coffee brewing. "Sounds like a pleasant night over all," he murmurs idly and a little hesitantly.

Chuck really wants to spit out, 'Well it's no sex on a bar at a wedding, but it's us' but he stills his tongue. He doesn't want to make things worse between himself and Nate. He misses his friend. He settles on, "Why are you here, Nathaniel? The last time we saw each other you almost took off my head in gym class."

Nate looks down as he rubs the back of his head. "Yeah, sorry about that." He fidgets a little, not sure where to start as Chuck leans against the counter the coffee machine is on and watches Nate quietly. Nate knew this wasn't exactly going to be easy, but he hated the way Chuck was watching him. "I," Nate turns on his heel to pace away, not looking at Chuck as he continues that thought. "I slept with Serena at the wedding."

"I know." Chuck's answer is soft, no 'I told you so' just plain fact. He doesn't give more than that either, but falls into silence again as he watches Nate. He wants them back to being friends but it's been hard not lashing out every time Nate did something to him so he wasn't going to give Nate an inch in this except to not make it worse.

Nate stops mid step and turns back to look at Chuck, shocked that he knew already. "How did you know?"

Chuck's shoulder lifts lightly before he pushes off the counter and takes out two mugs for coffee, setting them both next the machine. The scent of the cognac coffee making the place smell amazing and waking him up more as he waits for it to be done brewing. "Blair and I were heading in to talk to you yesterday when we saw you head inside. Decided against it when we saw Serena riding you."

Nate's mouth opens and closes before he frowns and takes a long needed seat on one of the island stools. "You," he shakes his head before his head buries into his hands, "and Blair. God she must hate me," he murmurs softly to no one in particular.

"I think she already hated you by that point, with the accusing me of fucking her while you two were together in front of the whole school." Chuck murmurs darkly as he turns to pour the coffee, adding some cream to both. He knows how Nate likes his coffee so it's easy to make it for both of them. Nate's cup is set down a little sharply in front of him before Chuck just leans against the counter and sips at his, letting the taste and caffeine still his tongue and nerves a little. "She was more upset with Serena from what I could tell."

Nate wraps his hands around his cup, just inhaling the coffee for now. "Serena's been pushing her to break up with you and come back to me," Nate offers as an explanation.

Chuck freezes, anger flickering across his features before it's gone. Nate telling him was a big step and it wasn't Nate pushing her, but that did make sense on why she pinned Serena verbally at the wedding instead of waiting until a more private time. "Pushing Blair to go back to you and then she fucks you, that really is one classy best friend," he murmurs darkly as he takes a longer drink of coffee.

"We didn't mean," he sighs and doesn't finish that sentence. "I was a little depressed seeing you two together, she came in to cheer me up." He shrugs slightly, finally taking a drink of his coffee.

"I'd say she succeeded," Chuck murmurs into another sip. He holds his hand up when Nate looks over at him, "Sorry. Blair was upset, I hate when she's upset. Always have."

Nate shakes his head, "I know. One thing just lead to another and there we were. And now I can't get her to take my calls. I've officially alienated every friend I had by making emotionally stupid decisions." He sighs, sinking around his cup of coffee. His eyes flicker up from his coffee to look at Chuck. "I'm sorry, Chuck. I shouldn't have acted like I have been. To you or Blair." His voice strains a little because it's hard to say this next part, "She looks so much happier with you."

Chuck watches Nate for a long, quiet moment before he pushes off the counter. His hand slaps Nate's shoulder as he passes with a soft, "Come on." He doesn't want for an answer before he's moving to the living room area.

Nate blinks at that move before standing and following Chuck. He doesn't expect the remote to be tossed at him so it takes a moment to juggle it and the coffee so he won't drop either. Video games between them tended to solve a lot if they couldn't or didn't want to play sports, especially co-op shooters. "Just like that?" Nate asks hesitantly as he settles next to Chuck on the couch.

Chuck shrugs slightly as the game loads. "You still need to apologize to Blair, but yeah, just like that." He takes a sip of his coffee as both sign into their profiles. "You're my best friend, Nate, that doesn't change just because Blair breaks up with you and goes out with me. I never wanted that to come between us, but you put it there."

Nate looks down at the remote for a moment before he looks over at Chuck. "I'll call her after we play some, maybe the three of us could do an early dinner and talk?"

Chuck nods, glancing at Nate before he sets his coffee down so they can start their game. "She'll like that, I think."

Nate nods, though both fall silent as they get sucked into the game. It's a good two hours before Nate calls Blair and sets up the dinner so they can all heal this broken thing between them. She agrees after a moment and Nate says goodbye to Chuck so they can both get ready for dinner.

[Continued here.]
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