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[Continuing... Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3.a, Pt.3.b, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7, Pt.8, Pt.9, Pt.10, Pt.11, Pt.12, Pt.13, & Pt.14.]

Chuck had been more than wonderful after they got back from the wedding. They spent the afternoon on the couch, curled up and watching movies until it grew dark. Some were her favorite classics and some were newer films that interested one or the other. Throughout all the movies they'd both seen before they chit chatted and discussed some of the finer points of the movie or some of the idiotic parts of characters in the movie. Some of the conversations getting them giggling and laughing so hard they couldn't actually hear the movie over themselves for a while.

Blair even had Dorota send over a pair of her silk pajamas so she could get out of her dress and still be decent and comfortable. She knew Chuck would have no problem if she'd wanted to lay about in her slip or naked but after what she caught Serena doing, she'd felt a little vulnerable and needed the comfort that being clothed brought. Seeing her in pajamas had inspired Chuck to change into his own and while they weren't the same color they were complimentary colors to hers and it made her smile how they fit so well like this.

Once it got dark Blair had pouted that they'd have to get dressed in order to get dinner. He'd chuckled and kissed her for the pout before murmuring that they could stay in and he could just cook for them. She'd laughed softly for half a second before it trailed into slightly wide eyes because the serious expression said he was serious. It prompted slight questions as they moved into the kitchen and he settled her on the counter near the stove, far enough away that she wouldn't get burned and he still had room to prep food but close so he could reach out and slide fingers along her cheek or kiss her.

Watching him move around the kitchen, she really couldn't argue that he knew what he was doing. It looked like he had done this a million times before. "How often do you cook?" She asked softly as she watched him prepare the chicken for their dinner.

His eyes flickered up with a smile, "I cook some after Nate and I smoke when we get hungry and chips just won't do it, or if I'm feeling more hermit-ish and don't want to be out in the world. Living here instead of with my Father and his staff, I've learned to do things for myself some. And I've found I actually like cooking."

She smiles back, crossing one leg over her other as she turns a little more as he puts the prepared chicken in the dish and seasons it. Said dish gets set in the oven and he moves to wash his hands and anything the raw chicken touched. "Do you...have you cooked for anyone else?"

He dries his hands and moves to stand in front of her as his hands settle on her knees. "I've cooked for myself, Nate, and now you."

She watches him and one hand slides down to lace with his. "So you haven't," her words trail off as she bites her lip because she isn't sure how to finish that sentence.

He catches her chin with his free hand and brings her down for a soft kiss. "No, I don't cook for anyone unless they actually mean something to me. Nate is my best friend," there's a slight waver to that statement but he doesn't let it slow him down, "and you're my girlfriend. Only people I cook for besides myself."

She kisses him again, deeper this time for both that small waver and the being his girlfriend part. "I feel very privileged," she murmurs with a brighter smile. "And very spoiled."

He nips her lower lip softly. "Good. My goal today was to make you feel spoiled and well taken care of."

When he moves to get something she catches him gently with their laced hands and tugs him back for another kiss. It's a very light grip but he reacts to it like it's steel, not letting their hands separate and she likes that, that she means more than whatever he was going to do.

He deepens the kiss a little, earning a soft sound from her as her free hand cups his cheek. "I need to finish dinner or all we're going to have is the lemon chicken, my sweet," he murmurs against her lips.

She smiles, nipping his lower lip sharply before she lets him go. "Alright. What are we having with the chicken?"

He moves to get a pot and fill it with water, looking over his shoulder at her. "I was thinking rice with steamed vegetables. How does that sound?"

She bounces very lightly, "That sounds really good." She watches him move around with a smile for a while though while he's getting the vegetables ready she reaches up and starts to unbutton her top slowly, curious to see how long it would take for him to notice that she's showing more skin. She gets half way down before she frowns, "You're really into cooking, huh..."

He smirks as he finally looks at her fully. "No, I was curious to see how far you'd go if I pretended to not be distracted. I was hoping for full top removal." He sets his knife down and wipes his hands off on a towel before he settles in front of her, fingers reaching out to trail over the open skin lightly.

"You," her eyes widen a little at his words though she trails off when his fingers start touching. The light touch earns a soft shiver from her. "You're cruel."

His hand pushes her top over a little so he can cup and knead a breast gently. "In all the best ways," he murmurs as he leans to kiss her deeply, loving the soft sounds from both his hand and the kiss. "Am I under the right impression? You'd like dessert in bed?"

She moans softly as he tugs her nipple between his forefinger and thumb and her legs wrap around his waist. "Yes...please..."

His head dips to work her breast a little with his mouth, "Have to finish cooking or dinner is going to burn, Blair." Even with his words, his own idea, he's having trouble raising up from her breast.

She whimpers softly and with an edge of impatience before her hand fists in his hair and she tugs him up. "Then finish cooking...I'll be good until dinner is served."

He groans at the tug to his hair, kissing her again. "Alright. After dinner I will finish what you're starting." He catches her hands when she moves to re-button her shirt. "Leave it, please?"

Her dark eyes meet his and she smirks at the darkness and want she sees there. "I'll leave it," she murmurs softly. She watches as he goes back to cooking, loving that his gaze flickers to her a lot more now; especially when she starts to tease her own breast gently under his gaze. The teasing herself stops though when he catches his fingers on a hot pan because he's more interested in watching her, her eyes wide for the burn. "Chuck, I'm...I'm sorry."

He shakes his head, leaving the fingers under the warm water of the faucet for a moment. "Don't worry about it, Blair. I'm fine, promise. I've had worse cooking after a smoke." He moves over to show her that it's just red, no blisters. "Just needs a soft kiss and it'll be all better." He chuckles softly at the look that says she doesn't buy it. "Alright, a kiss from you and then some burn cream that's in the bathroom."

She cradles his hand gently and kisses his fingers very, very softly. "I didn't mean to cause you to hurt yourself." She murmurs because she feels really bad he got burned after her promising to be good.

He cups her cheek and kisses her, "I promise you, I'm fine. I'm going to put some cream on it and then I'll be back to serve up our food. You get whatever you want to drink with dinner? Fridge is stocked and the wine rack is the cabinet next to the fridge. Okay?"

She kisses him back before nodding and hopping off the counter. "Alright."

She chooses a nice Sauvignon blanc to go with dinner and after a small hunt while he's in the bathroom finds the cork screw and opens it. She gets the wine set as he dishes out dinner and brings it to the table, placing it before he gets her chair for her. By the time dinner is over, she's feeling better about his burn and they do in fact end up in bed where he shows her just how well the burn doesn't hurt. They make it through one more movie after dinner and dessert before she puts her dress back on and he gets her home so her parents and Dorota won't come hunting him down with the promise that he'll call her tomorrow. A big part of him hates that she can't just curl up and sleep over, head pillowed on his chest, but he knows they'll get there and the time waiting will make it all the sweeter. So for now he bids her goodnight with a kiss and heads home alone with sweet dreams of her.

[Continued here.]
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