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[Continuing... Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3.a, Pt.3.b, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7, Pt.8, Pt.9, Pt.10, Pt.11, Pt.12, & Pt.13.]

They were only able to get halfway to the exit before there was a low, "Chuck." The both look to find Bart standing a few feet behind them, waiting for Chuck to come when called.

"I'll be right back, Blair, and then home." Chuck kisses her softly before he moves to see his father.

She watches for a moment before she catches sight of Serena making an escape from the hall. Blair's eyes narrow and she catches up with her friend. "I can't believe you."

Serena's steps falter before they stop and she turns to face Blair, flushed from her recent high and very caught. "Hey B...why can't you believe me?"

Innocent really didn't really work well for her right now, and Blair hated that she even tried for it. She was so fake right now. "You put up such a fuss about my dating Chuck. You tried to make me feel like this horrible person for breaking up with Nate and then turning around to date his best friend." Blair gives a soft, disgusted noise as she wrinkles her nose at Serena.

Serena blinks a little, positive Blair couldn't know what just happened. She and Nate were the only two in the hall and it was a pretty fast round because it was Nate's first time. "B, really, I stand by what I said. Why wouldn't I?"

Blair gives a louder, disgusted noise. She really couldn't believe that Serena was still standing by that after what she'd just done. "You fucking Nate at someone else's wedding would be why you wouldn't," Blair hisses softly. "After telling me I should get back together with him!" That was the biggest reason why it had hit so hard and she hadn't wanted to tell Chuck. Things were tense enough between Serena and Chuck, she didn't want to add to the tension by telling him that Serena had spent most of last week trying to convince Blair that Nate was the best person for her. Serena had argued that Chuck would get bored but Nate had been a good boyfriend for forever and that she should realize this before Nate moved on. And then Serena does this.

Serena's mouth opens and closes for a moment as her cheeks blush brightly. " an didn't mean..."

"So you what, tripped off the bar and fell onto his waiting dick?" Chuck drawls as his arm wraps around Blair's waist and tugs her gently back against his chest. "And you really are a bitch if you're going to just use him like that." If she's going to fuck her best friend's ex a week after they broke up, she should at least have the backbone to take responsibility for it and it should mean something considering he'd been waiting.

"Chuck," Blair murmurs softly as Serena turns a darker shade of red and her eyes well a little. "Neither of you have any room to judge Chuck and I for our relationship. At least we're honest about how we feel about each other. You two are sneaking around behind everyone's back. Preaching one thing and doing another, something that would break my heart if I listened to you..." She shakes her head, no tears but still upset that her best friend had done this. "And with absolutely no respect for the wedding we're currently at. Even when Chuck was sleeping around with a good portion of the Upper East Side he had more respect for himself and the people around him to never do this."

"Blair..." Serena tries to plead softly.

"Don't, Serena." Her head shakes as she pushes back against Chuck's chest, not wanting to hear it. She doesn't want to listen to Serena try to weasel out a why or a how. Those things don't matter. The night in the limo with Chuck, was because they had too much to drink that night, but this. Serena was completely sober in this decision with Nate, which left no room for excuses.

Chuck shifts them back a couple steps as he kisses Blair's temple. "Come on, Blair. Home."

She nods, curling a little more into the comfort Chuck is offering. "I'll...see you later, Serena." Both turn quietly and head towards the car without giving her a chance to try and spout any excuses or pleas. Neither want to hear it. Blair's quiet, chewing her lip softly, until they settle in the car and she can curl up in his lap. Her head rests on his shoulder gently, hiding against his throat a little. "What did your Father want?"

His arms wrap around her, one sliding up and down her arm gently to offer the comfort he knew she needed. Fighting with Serena was always hard on her, even if it was something that needed to be said. He smiles very softly at the topic change, letting it stick. "He wanted to congratulate me on finally settling down." His head turns and he kisses her hair gently. His Father may be hypocritical in that respect but a part of him flares at the recognition from his father. "As well, to inform me that he'll be spending a month starting tomorrow in Japan on business."

Her head raises curiously, "So both are parents are leaving us for the first leg of our summer vacation. What ever will we do with all that free time." Her lips quirk in an almost smile, trying to work through everything that just happened and focus on this.

Chuck's hand raises to cup her cheek and kiss her softly. "I'm sure we can easily think of things to do. Parks, art museums, shows, and staying in bed."

Blair beams a little, kissing him back just as softly. "I'll still have to sleep at home. Dorota will kill you if I sleep over." She gives a soft chuckle and a stern look, "And she'll kill you three times over if you sleep over."

He chuckles, rich and amused. "I promise to get you home before the limo turns into a pumpkin. Though I may try to steal you once or twice because I think curling into you while I sleep would be heaven."

The blush that graces her cheeks is rich as her head dips a little. She's never slept next to anyone except Serena during sleepovers, unless you count falling asleep during a movie on a couch. The accidental sleeping, she's done but purposefully getting ready for bed and sliding in next to someone was so very new. "Maybe...if you're very good and win Dorota over."

Chuck kisses her again, just a little deeper before he hugs her to him. "I can be very good, in every way you want me to be," he murmurs against her hair as the car continues towards his place. Tonight he'd spoil her, and not in the way most would expect.

[Continued here.]
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