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[Continuing... Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3.a, Pt.3.b, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7, Pt.8, Pt.9, Pt.10, Pt.11, & Pt.12.]

After dinner everyone mingled about around the dance floor and the lawn. It was a lovely enough day that the hall the reception was being held at was empty, everything outside to enjoy both the wedding and the beautiful weather. It also helped that it had more room for the large guest count and made it easier for Blair and Chuck to avoid their parents, Nate, and Serena for the time being too.

They both mingle with everyone until the dance floor is open to everyone. After a fairly long conversation that neither really wanted to get into, but who says no to a Bass employee when Chuck's father is there, Chuck finally extracts Blair and twirls her onto the dance floor. He smiles as they dances to a fairly up beat song, "You said dancing, right?"

Blair laughs softly as she falls into step with him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Yes, I did." She beams softly as they dance. She laughs brightly as she's spun gently every so often to the music, always ending up close and with a kiss when she's back in his arms. "You're way too good at this."

He chuckles as he kisses her a little deeper while the music switches to a slower song and he shifts their pace to reflect that. He tightens the hold around her waist and pulls her closer with a smile. "I'm good at a lot of things people don't give me credit for, Blair."

She rests her head on his shoulder, eyes closing as she relaxes against him and lets him lead her gracefully around the dance floor. "What is the great Chuck Bass good at that even I don't know?"

His head dips to rest against her hair, missing the fact that both her parents and his father are watching them from different points in the crowd. He might feel a little self conscious if he knew his father was watching them with such a thoughtful look, but he's too immersed in the feel of Blair and how perfect this moment is. "Well, I can play piano pretty well," he answers softly.

She looks up with a soft but curious look. "Would for me some time?"

He kisses her with a smile. "I'd love to, Blair. Your penthouse does have that lovely piano, too, if your parents don't mind." It would be a lovely afternoon sitting and playing for Blair, though he'd have to request she curl up next to him on the piano bench.

She chews her lip lightly, "Mother is heading out of town with Daddy again. There were some problems with her line and she needs to go back to Paris to fix some things, so parents wouldn't really be a problem."

He cups her cheek gently, "Well then I'll make sure that you aren't alone while they're gone." He doesn't particularly care if his father is in town or not, but he knows she wants her parents around more and for her mother to care more.

She smiles and raises up to kiss him, "Thank you, Chuck," she murmurs softly into the kiss.

He smiles and kisses her back. "You're welcome, Blair." He wraps his arms around her, leading her from one song to the next for a little while longer. It's only when he catches sight of Nate slipping into the hall that he talks again. "I should go talk to Nate," he murmurs softly.

Her head raises and looks in the direction he was looking with a soft frown. "We should go talk to Nate." He was mad at her too, even if he was taking it all out on Chuck because he could be harder with his punishment that way.

He nods and quietly spins her off the dance floor. Tucking her into his side, they make their way quietly to where Nate had disappeared to. "I hope that he actually listens to us this time instead of yelling," he responds as he holds open the door for her.

She slips in with a soft look and a nod. "He was so mean before," she answers very softly. It's only been a week since she'd been accused of fucking Chuck behind Nate's back, so the insult that she'd do something like that hurts. She's not that kind of girl.

He kisses her softly as they move, though both pause a little and look at each other curiously when they hear soft sounds coming from the bar section of the hall. Their steps grow softer as they get closer and the sounds get louder. "You sure you want to see this, Blair?" Chuck already knows what's going on back there, he's just not sure who Nate happens to be fucking.

She looks between the door and Chuck for a moment before she nods, "I...need to know what he's doing..." She gives him a frown when he gives her a slight look. "Alright, I need to know who he's doing..."

Chuck kisses her temple before they take those two steps needed into the bar room. The entrance is off to the side, not within sight of either blond at the bar that were going at it with panted moans. His arm tightens around Blair when he feels her curl into his side more. He doesn't say anything just turns them back around and out the door. All that proved was that Nate really was only with her because his parents wanted him to be, not because he loved her.

She curls tighter into him as she tugs him over to a couch off to the side in the hall. "I'm happy with you but..."

He settles on the couch and tugs her gently into his lap, hugging her to him. "I know, Blair. It's alright."

She hides her face against his neck, not crying but still upset. She'd loved Nate at least a little, enough that that hurt a little. "I...hate them both. Both of them lied to me..." She relaxes a little when Chuck starts to rub her back gently. "He said he loved me...and she said she had no interest in him...I don't..."

Chuck tilts her chin and kisses her deeply to cut off her rant. The kiss does what it's supposed to, too, because she gives a soft sound into it as she melts again him. "It doesn't matter, Blair."

"I know, sorry." She murmurs with a slight blush. "I just feel like I don't even know him anymore." She hugs him tightly while she kisses him again. "Can we go now?"

Chuck nods, nipping her lower lip gently. "Just let me say goodbye to my Father and we're gone."

Blair slips from his lap with a small smile. "Thank you, Chuck."

He stands and tucks her tightly into his side with a kiss to her hair. "Don't thank me yet. I have plans to make you feel like the most treasured woman on the Upper East Side." Saying that at a wedding, that definitely says something for what he's planning when they get back to his penthouse.

[continued here.]
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