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[Continuing... Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3.a, Pt.3.b, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7, Pt.8, Pt.9, Pt.10, & Pt.11.]

After the ceremony is over the couple watches as everyone starts to file out and head to the reception. Blair just snuggles into Chuck a little more since he doesn't seem to be moving yet. "You're comfy," she murmurs softly.

He smiles and kisses her hair. "I'm glad you think so. It makes curling up together all the better." His gaze lingers on the progressively lessening crowd before he nuzzles her hair gently. "Shall we head out with everyone else?"

She stretches just a little with a nod. "We shall." She stands and reaches for his hand with a smile.

He takes her and and spins her gently so that his arm is around her as they move out of the church with the rest of the guests. The car this time isn't a limo but just a sleek black town car because only the bride and groom should have a limo after a wedding and he opens the door for her before slipping into it after her. "How long did you want to stay at the reception before I come down with a headache and we have to leave so you can take care of me?"

Blair snuggles into his side with a soft chuckle for his question. Her head tilts up as she thinks on the question a little. "Part of it will depend on how long Mother and Daddy want me to be there. How long do you have to be there for your father?"

He takes advantage of her upturned head to kiss her softly. "So long as I make an appearance and make sure he and see me I can leave when ever you're ready to go."

She smiles at the kiss, nipping his lip lightly. "Well why don't we play it by ear. Go, eat, mingle," she pauses as she gives him a slightly curious look, "dance a little?"

Chuck chuckles softly as he kisses her again at that curious look. "Play it by ear and enjoy ourselves sounds good. Even the dancing. Something nice and slow, I think."

She smiles and presses a little closer to him as she kisses him back. "I do love the way you think."

He grins as they pull up outside the reception. "Well I do aim to please." He opens the door and slides out. "I would hate to disappoint my girlfriend in any way," he murmurs as he offers a hand to help her out.

She takes his hand a little daintily and steps out of the car. The girlfriend comment gets a kiss as she passes him with a little more swish to her hips. "Your girlfriend would pout if you disappointed her."

He closes the car door and wraps an arm around her, fingers lingering on her hip to feel that extra swish, as he falls into step with her. "And then I'd have to shower with gifts and pleasure to fix it." His tone and smirk say it's almost a win-win for her in the end. After a moment though he kisses her temple, "But it's better to shower her with gifts and pleasure for the simple joy of watching her face when it's just for the soul reason of being a wonderful boyfriend than to make up for something I did wrong."

She smiles at the last part, nuzzling his shoulder as they walk to the table they were slotted to sit at for dinner. "You are very much the caring boyfriend I need, Chuck."

He pulls out her chair and gets her settled before he sits next to her. "It's what you've always deserved, Blair. I'm sorry I didn't step in sooner and offer you what you deserved." He takes her hand gently and laces their fingers, glad she's on his right since he's left handed and she's right handed so it leaves them open to eat and still hold hands.

Blair blushes slightly, squeezing his hand. "Chuck..." She catches his chin and brings him down for a sweet kiss, "You are sweeter than anyone gives you credit for."

There's the faintest blush to his cheeks at that compliment. "And yet both of us have the ability to tear a person down in two hours if we wanted to, no blinking."

She chuckles softly with a dark smirk that has always made him think she would make a better Queen than Serena. "Yes, we can. And just think how much easier it would be working together."

His smirk is darker, mirroring the slightly deeper lack of moral issues he runs into because of how he was raised. "We'll be completely indestructible," he murmurs with a soft kiss.

There's only the slightest huff after she kisses him back, "It's a resource meant for a Queen though, not a Lady in Waiting that will never rule." Her words are soft, betraying how neutral she wants to feel about this. She's always known that Serena is the star, that she always takes the spotlight whether she means to or not.

Chuck reaches out and caresses her cheek gently. "Whether you rule or not, Blair, you are my Queen. Were something to happen that Serena couldn't rule, you would make an amazing Queen for Constance. Better than any other Queen in the city."

Blair watches him, smiling at the compliment but there's something suspicious under it too. Her hand raises to cup his to her cheek. "Promise me you won't do anything to bring down Serena," she finally murmurs with a slightly stern look.

He chuckles softly, head dipping. "You read me all too well sometimes."

The stern look settles more into place as she reaches out to catch his chin so he'll look at her. "She's my friend, Chuck. I may hate that she always steals the spotlight, but her being my friend will never change and you don't tear down your friends."

His head dips just enough to pull her thumb into his mouth and darken her eyes. "Alright. I promise you, Blair, that I won't do anything to tear down Serena and establish you as Queen." And as much as he wants to do otherwise so she can be Queen, he'll abide by his promise because it's Blair. "But should something not of my doing happen, you will be Queen next if I have to drag down every other girl in the school."

"My Knight," she murmurs softly as she leans in and kisses him softly. "You really are too good to me." She shifts her chair enough to lean against him as they finally start to serve dinner.

He nuzzles her ear softly after the kiss. "My Queen," he murmurs darkly. He shifts his chair a little too so they can stay close while they eat and chit chat a little with the people they're seated with.

[continued here.]


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