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[Continuing... Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3.a, Pt.3.b, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7, Pt.8, Pt.9, & Pt.10.]

Chuck helps Blair out of the limo and wraps his arm around her waist as he escorts her into the church with the rest of the people filing in. It was some big named woman getting married, though ask either where they had met her before and neither could tell you. She was more a friend of both their parents and they were just expected to be there as a show of being good little socialites. Chuck, for once, wasn't complaining because it meant a whole day with Blair and there was nothing he might want more. Well, maybe the day in his penthouse while they watched movies and curled up in practically nothing, but otherwise he had no complaints; especially since her dress was beautiful.

"I hate that I only know a handful of people at these things," Blair murmurs as they take a seat halfway into the church and looks around briefly.

Chuck nods in the direction of who he knows she's looking for. Serena is sitting up a few pews, currently watching Nate who is one pew up from her. "I do too. Especially when we're fighting with some of the very few we know."

Blair smiles for being given who she was looking for before she turns and kisses him softly. "Things will get better, Chuck. Give it time," she murmurs as she snuggles into his side.

"Well don't you two look just adorable. The perpetual virgin and the man-slut," a voice murmurs mockingly from behind them.

Chuck doesn't even need to turn around, his back just stiffens as he rubs a hand along Blair's side. "Go away, Georgina."

Georgina just laughs softly as she reaches out to run a nail sharply along the side of Chuck's neck, pulling goosebumps in its wake. "How is the chaste life suiting you, Chuck? Bored yet?"

Chuck jerks back from her nail, though he doesn't get to catch her hand for the offense. Blair is out of his arm and catching Georgina's hand, holding tight enough that there's a flicker of pain across Georgina's face. "You listen to me, and you listen well. You keep your hands off my boyfriend. He will never be available to play with you again, ever." She tosses Georgina's hand back at her with enough anger and force that she slumps a little in the pew, holding her wrist gently.

Georgina scowls at the tiny woman that's glaring at her like she's a bug. "He'll be available again when he finally realizes that he can't pry your thighs apart," she hisses at Blair before she moves out of the pew and to a different spot in the church.

A soft sound from Chuck has Blair turn angry eyes on him, the slightest vulnerability under the anger because Georgina is the second person to say Chuck will grow bored and drop her. The only difference, the reason that this gets to her more and faster, is because Georgina knows what he likes in bed.

Instead of saying anything, his head dips and he kisses her deeply and with how he feels put into the kiss. There's more to how he feels than he's ever really shown and said because his feelings go deeper than his conscious mind can follow.

Her hands come up to cup his face as she gives a soft sound into the kiss as she mirrors those feelings. It isn't until she can't get enough air and her lungs burn that she pulls back, very gently so he knows it's for air and not because she wants to break the kiss. ", Chuck," she murmurs softly as her head rests against his.

He smiles very softly at her, not looking around him because he doesn't want to see who all is staring at them while the remaining guests file in to find seats so the wedding can start. "I never want you to listen to anyone about this except me. I will never, not in a million years, get bored with you. I will also never, ever get impatient. I knew what I was agreeing to when I told you I wanted to be your boyfriend and I won't go back on that. I want you because you understand me, you and I work, and you're incredibly smart, beautiful, and sexy." He smiles at her when she blushes a little, "There's a longer list but we're in public and there are things that belong between just us. But I do want you to know that I'm not going anywhere."

Blair's lower lip disappears between her teeth as she listens to him and nods. "Promise?"

Chuck's head dips again to tug her lip from between her own teeth with his before he kisses her. "I promise, Blair."

She gives a soft sound at the tug and snuggles into his arms, deeper than before because she needs to closeness and comfort right now. "Thank you, Chuck."

His head dips to rest against hers as the music signals the start of the wedding. She gets a soft, "Always, Blair," before both fall silent and watch the wedding in front of them. It's as the reciting of the vows that Chuck's hand finds Blair's and laces with hers gently as she snuggles a little closer.

[Continued here.]
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