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[Continuing... Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3.a, Pt.3.b, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7, Pt.8, & Pt.9.]

The rest of the week seemed to go by in flashes of slow periods and flashes of really fast periods. School was the worst because despite how attentive Chuck continued to be, Serena still seemed to have a grudge against Blair dumping Nate for him. It left Blair avoiding the Met Steps so she wouldn't accidentally run into her and the minions, just because the tension was a little unbearable, though they were attempting slowly to work on things outside of school away from the stress of minions and everyone watching over their shoulder. Lots of shopping was involved for the girls.

Chuck however was floating in the hostile waters more than Blair. When Nate wasn't avoiding him like the plague he was glaring, snarling, and doing that thing where he'd pass Chuck with a sharp shoulder jostle. Chuck, for once, took it because he was hoping that Nate would eventually get over this. He didn't want to lose his best friend to this and he knew that retaliating would only seal their fate. So he avoided Nate where he could and curled around Blair to ease the hurt, including doing special lunches for them for most of the week to take her mind off the fact that she wasn't on the Met Steps with Serena.

Things between Blair and Chuck were going swimmingly. He spoiled her rotten, spending a lot of time with her. One of the biggest things she noticed is that while sometimes she had to pull teeth to get Nate to hang out with her or take her out to dinner, Chuck not only wanted to he surprised her with special outings. Thursday after school they'd gone back to his penthouse where he had an outfit waiting for her so she could change and they could spend the afternoon at her favorite art museum. She, personally, was surprised Dorota was being as helpful as she was for him, as that's the only way her clothes would have gotten to his place.

Friday was busy because both were getting ready for the wedding and dealing with parents. Blair's mother was fussing over what dress Blair should wear and what would look best on her while Chuck's father finally seemed to realize Chuck's slowly healing black eye. There had been a lecture about not getting into scuffles over something as petty as a girl though that was followed by a few brief words about how he was proud of his son for finally settling down. How it was a little embarrassing that his son had been bouncing around between girls for so long. The very fact that Chuck had learned how he went from woman to woman from Bart never left Chuck's mouth however, he knew when to still his tongue around his father. The very proof being the girl Bart had been seeing last weekend was not the woman that he was taking to the wedding.

Shaking his head, Chuck banished the talk he and his father had as the limo pulled up outside Blair's building. He got out and took the elevator up, wanting to surprise her by being a little early so he could officially pick her up; he didn't want to just pull up to her waiting at the front door.

"Blair not ready yet." Dorota murmurs to Chuck when he steps off the elevator, "I go tell her you are here, though." Without waiting for any sign Chuck heard her, she disappears upstairs.

Chuck merely nods and settles in a chair to wait for her quietly. He'd hoped that he'd missed Eleanor's exit, though he knew she'd be at the wedding, but his luck was worse this week than he expected.

"Oh! Charles, I didn't expect you so soon," Eleanor says as she comes to a stop on her way out.

Chuck offers a smile, standing to greet her. "I wanted to make sure we weren't late, Mrs. Waldorf."

Eleanor smiles as Harold comes down the stairs with a warm smile for Chuck and his wife. "Well, you two have fun."

Harold shakes hands with Chuck, always the warmer of the two adults. "You're making her really happy. Just take good care of her, Chuck."

Chuck nods, head dipping a little with a soft smile that only settles on his face when he thinks of Blair. "I'll take the best care of her, Mr. Waldorf."

Harold chuckles softly at that smile. "Good. We'll see you there." He guides Eleanor to the elevator with a soft murmur of, "Come along, dear."

It's only a few minutes later before Blair appears at the top of the stairs with a smile for him. "Just couldn't wait to be in my presence, could you," she teases as she heads down the stairs.

Chuck watches her with that soft smile her father caught him wearing. "Well you are a bright star that warms me." He offers her his hand when she reaches the bottom, "Ready?"

Blair squeezes his hand gently as they walk to the elevator. "My sweet flatterer," she murmurs as her eyes trail along him. "You match my dress. On purpose?" Her eyes look suspiciously at him, wondering if he collaborated with Dorota on what he'd wear today.

He chuckles softly as he hits the first floor button, kissing her as the doors close. "I will always flatter you. And no, not on purpose. We just had the want to wear the same color." He smiles at her, "Though it adds to the 'we're a couple' show. I'm not sure how many of the adults have paid enough attention to know we're together."

"My parents know," she murmurs softly. Her mother doesn't quite approve of her choice, but she's standing by Chuck.

He cups her cheek and kisses her sweetly. "I know. Your mother gave me a slightly frosty attitude before she left. You're father however, just told me to take good care of you."

She beams a little, she's always been closer to her father and she likes that he's accepted Chuck as her boyfriend. "You do take care of me. Very good care."

He chuckles softly as they walk across the lobby and out to the car. He opens the door and helps her in before getting in after her. "I wouldn't know any other way to take care of you, Blair, but very well."

She just beams at him as she kisses him a little deeper but not wanting to start anything since they are headed to a wedding where they'll have to mingle with their parents and other adults; as well as see Nate and Serena. She wants them proper at least until they get home after. "I don't know what I'd do without you," she murmurs softly as she snuggles into his side and rests her head on his shoulder.

He smiles and kisses her hair gently, "You'll never have to know. I've always been here and I'll always be here for you." He's been looking out for her since they were little, and he wasn't looking for that to change ever. He was hoping to be able to do a good job faced with Nate and Serena today, though only time would tell once they get there.

[continued here.]
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